A1 License – Age 17+

A1 License – Age 17+


How old do I need to be?

You need to be 17 or older.

Licence Requirements?

  • You need to be 17 or older, holding a provisional bike license or full car license (giving provisional Cat. A entitlement).
  • You must also hold a valid C.B.T. and Theory Test pass certificates and be able to present both parts of your driving license if you have the photocard style or the “old” paper license and a valid passport, to under take the Direct Access Scheme.

Any other requirements?

  • Be able to read a standard number plate @ 20.5m and
  • Medically fit (i.e. not signed off under a doctors note)
  • Provide motorcycle helmet, boots and gloves.
  • Most importantly you want to ride your bike!

So what is it all about?

Taken as two pairs of days. This allows you to train and pass your Modular 1 (off road) test, before progressing on to the Modular 2 (road ride). In brief, it follows this format:

Session 1

Session 1 gets you back on the bike after CBT and regain familiarity with the machine one of our secure training areas. – Try out the “slow speed” Mod. 1 exercises as you develop your bike skills.- On road briefing picking up the themes from your CBT or riding assessment, before heading out on to the road to build confidence on the bike, in as many road scenarios as we can. – Debrief the day.

Session 2

In Session 2 you will recap the “slow Speed”, Mod.1 exercises and practise as necessary.- Brief /reminders about riding on the road from 125 session 1 and progress down to our Newport site.- Introduce and practise “high” speed (approx 32 m.p.h.) exercises including the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises as required.- Attend Mod.1 test at Newport test centre.- Return to start location using road ride to boost confidence and riding skills through extended riding and specific scenarios as suits the clients progress. Once you have completed the Mod.1. test, we can arrange mutually convenient times to move you on to training and testing for Mod.2. Your “on road” riding test.

Session 3

Recap on road training, progress and areas for improvement so far?- Attend location of Mod. 2 test (either Newport or Merthyr) to gain familiarity with test areas, conducting mock test.- Build confidence about attending test centre, where to go, what to do etc. along with vehicle safety check questions and pillion and load question.- Complete further, mock riding tests as appropriate.- Return to start location and debrief in preparation for Mod. 2 test.

Session 4

Document check, bike check and “warm up” on the yard.- Ride to Mod.2 test location to attend “road riding” test.- Debrief and return ride to start location (hopefully with a big grin on your face!).

So how do I book my A1 Course?

It’s easy just call  us on 07872 319 161
The cost of our restricted package is £465. This will include all training required to complete both Modular tests, test fees and bike hire.
Riding Assessment courses available, usually a 2hr session @ £30 per hr.
We also offer flexible payments to suit your budget.

Cancellation policy.

Biketrain Wales require 7 days notice to cancel a course. We have the right to retain the deposit paid to cover course fees and instructor costs in the event of course being cancelled before this notice period. No deposit will be lost in the event that Biketrain Wales has to cancel or postpone courses. Please contact us for more information regarding this policy.