Enhanced Rider

Enhanced Rider

Passed you test? Thinking about developing your riding skills? – No Problem!

Biketrain Wales is a DSA licensed provider of “The Enhanced Rider Scheme” (ERS). One of the first bike schools in Wales to provide this advanced riding program.

What do you need to be eligible to take an Enhanced Rider Course?

You need to hold a full bike license and be able to present both parts of your driving license if you have the photocard style or the “old” paper license and a valid passport, to under take the scheme.

So what is it all about?

Bike skills development and confidence building, whatever your start point

Well, it depends what you want to gain from it? You can have an initial riding assessment, our a session to deal with particular aspects of your riding, right up to a fully certified course which should earn you insurance discounts as well as the confidence that your skills are up to date on the road. In brief, it is a modular course, usually in 3hr sessions which can be arranged to suit you:- ERS Intro’ – Introduce the ERS scheme and establish base line for training via questionnaire / discussion.- If using one of our bikes, gain familiarity with the machine one of our secure training areas. (if using your own bike, undertake a few slow speed manoeuvres on the training area to confirm levels of bike control).- On road briefing picking up the themes for the riding assessment, before heading out on to the road covering as many different scenarios as we can. – Debrief / feedback the riding assessment session. ERS development session(s).

Recap the assessment session debrief and b rief points to focus on in session.- Ride route(s) returning to start location using road ride to boost confidence and develop riding skills in identified areas through extended riding and specific scenarios as suits the clients progress.- Debrief ride/skills progress against ERS checklist and focus on areas to improve / complete in next session (or final session as assessment for certification). ERS final assessment.- Recap development session(s) of on road training, progress and areas for improvement to date? – Focus on skills / knowledge required to complete ERS scheme and maximise achieved grade during assessment ride.- Conduct assessment ride route, returning to start location.- Debrief assessment ride against ERS checklist and establish rider category for certification. Complete ERS paperwork and issue completion certificate.

So what does it cost?

Training, bike hire and vat incl. for the ERS scheme costs £25 per hr. Paired riders at £20 per hour. We can also supply one of our training bikes (500 or 600) by request. if client uses their own bike (must be entirely road worthy!) Sessions are normally 3hrs in duration and with forward planning, can be conducted at times to suit clients.- A deposit of £50 is required to secure an ERS course booking.

Contact us on 07872 319 161

Residential courses (continuous programs), conducted over 1, 2 or 3 days depending upon the client can be arranged upon request. (Each day being 6hrs.).